Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Price Comparision

With the rise of E-commerce retail in India, the online shopper is more confused then ever.
The online shopper spends lot of time to mine out the best deal! as the prices keep fluctuating everyday and multiple times a day hence increasing the probability of online consumer paying more then the fair price.

In order to help the online consumer to overcome this concern, price comparison portals are handy! but you need a price comparison portal which helps to look at price history and real accurate price.

I recently explored and tried out www.cvalue.in and trust me it is really cool to see the price chart and prices which are real time updated.

The search and relevance of this site is also very high  quality and I recommend to give it a try.

Until then HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Access control list (ACL)

Access Control List:
A data set which grants permissions, or access rights, to each user or group for a specific system objects, such as a directory or file.

FAST ESP, Autonomy IDOL or any other leading search product is able to utilize ACL information from the content repositories so that the same permissions apply to search results. This means that a user is only able to see the query results that he/she is entitled to view, based on his/her permissions towards the source content repository.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Entity Extraction

Entity Extraction:

Entity extraction means detecting, extracting, and normalizing entities, such as names of people or companies, from documents. This adds more structure to the data and enables navigation or relevancy enhancements based on specific entities.

In FAST ESP is shipped with predefined entity extractors and in Autnomy IDOL it is implemented using grammar file and processed through eduction module via indextasks.